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How to choose ip ratings for telephone, ip 66 or ip 67?

We will tell you what is the ratings of protection of the telephone, how to test the ratings of protection of the telephone, how to choose the right ratings of protection telephone.
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ip phone systems

The ip telephone system is a modern, telephone communication system based on the ip network and the Internet Voice Protocol (VOIP).
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School pa system

The school paging system is a pa system integrating emergency voice communication and public broadcasting, specially designed by KNTECH communication experts.
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Voip telephone system

The Voip telephone system is a modern telephone system that transmits and compresses communication signals in the form of data packets over an ip network.
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How to setup a voip phone

Now, VoIP phones are increasingly popular with homes, industries, offices, and businesses. VoIP phone, the call quality is stable and completely free, the media is rich in functions and easy to manage. How to set up a voip phone? I will tell you one by one.
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Industrial intercom system

The industrial intercom system is KNTECH's demand for production and dispatching of chemical and petrochemical plants, on-site wired and wireless communication, electronic inspection, personnel safety management, etc., using modern computer technology, wireless communication technology, sensing technology, transmission technology, network technology, and automation. Industrial-grade explosion-proof security communication integrated system developed by various advanced technologies such as control technology.
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