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Wired and wireless integrated solutions

Wired and wireless integrated solutions

KNTECH the world's first industrial communication solution. KNTECH IP PABX server specifically for the development of the world's leading highway set of wired and wireless GSM / 4G / LTE integration scheduling system. The system is based on the world's most technically difficult Network Management System TR069 management and real-time heartbeat monitoring of each terminal. KNTECH unique world's most professional self-diagnostic communication system 7X24 hours real-time detection of health status returns. Set audio and video integration, wireless capacity HD recording and video. The system comes with 3 redundant backup system, and the terminal with automatic server-free IP address brackets. Telephone terminal can choose wireless GSM / 4G / LTE with solar power, built-in amplifier loud noiseless call. With the world's leading acoustic echo processing system, you can enjoy high quality in-room calls whether you are on the side of a highway or beside a track. Professional outdoor waterproof grade IP66. Sun and rain, cold, -40 - +75 degrees Changyou call. Long time no fade color bright. Generous and beautiful models, the use of easy operation, installation-free, maintenance-free. System equipment includes: 

TSS1000 Management software emergency telephones self-diagnosis system

KNTD-500 Industrial communications professional IP PABX Server

KNZD-09A 4G / 5G / LTD Outdoor Anti-noise broadcasting telephone with solar power supply 

KNSP-01 VOIP telephone with built-in fiber optic switch emergency telephone  

KNEM-21 Motorway emergency call bo

KNZD-47 Vandal proof  video intercom 

KNZD-41 Tunnel Fire emergency telephone with alarm beacon

KNZD-60 Bi-direction two-way video phone


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